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The evolution of computing is driven by improving the performance of computer processors and interfaces. Soft Ma-chines™ has invented a new way to improve performance scaling with the introduction of the VISC™ architecture. With VISC, a single software thread/task runs on multiple cores. Each operating system thread sees one “virtual core” that is composed of multiple physical cores. Read the full article


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Soft Machines™ is developing a comprehensive roadmap of VISC processors and SoCs. Shasta is the first processor and will feature dynamic support for one or two 64-bit virtual cores, delivering server-class performance at mobile power levels. Mojave is a cutting-edge, scalable SoC platform that can be customized for smart mobile to server applications. Future VISC™ processors and SoCs will continue to provide superior performance-per-watt by enhancing virtual cores as well as using advanced process technologies.


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Soft Machines VISC™ Processors

The Shasta VISC processor leverages single and dual virtual cores to bring server-class performance at mobile power levels. Using one virtual core to dynamically execute threadlets on two physical cores, Shasta outperforms today’s most advanced processors by 150% to over 200% at the same power, but more importantly, it can operate at 1/4th to 1/3rd the power at the same performance.


Shasta Technical Specifications:

  • Dynamic single and dual virtual core configurations
    • Two physical cores
  • 64-bit ISA
  • Supports multiple guest ISAs
  • 2GHz (16FF+)
  • SMP support via highly efficient coherency protocol
  • 1MB second-level cache per physical core
  • High-speed 256-bit read/write system interface unit


Mohammad Abdallah Unveils Shasta at the Linley Processor Conference 2015

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Soft Machines VISC™ SoCs

The Mojave VISC™ SoC features a quad virtual core VISC processor (Shasta x 2) that is supported by cutting-edge memory, graphics, multimedia and I/O. Mojave is inherently designed to be able to quickly add or remove features by incorporating an automatic device discovery and enumeration for each subsystem, enabling fast time-to-market custom solutions. An advanced management subsystem is integrated that is typically found in high-end enterprise systems. The Soft Machines-designed on-chip interconnect provides optimal bandwidth and latency for maximum system performance. Efficient virtualization and security are supported as part of the SoC infrastructure. The high-performance multimedia subsystem includes 4K video encode/decode, triple 4K display output, integrated ISP and HD audio codec support. A state-of-the-art high-performance GPU brings desktop performance to mobile gaming as well as providing up to 1TFLOP of GPGPU capability. Server feature enhancements include PCIe 4.0, 10G Ethernet and storage interfaces.


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